by hoteliers, for hoteliers..

We kind of agree that this title is a bit naff and over-used, however it really started out with a few hoteliers feeling a huge pinch and restrictions online travel agents (OTAs) were creating through their high commissions charged to the hotels.

So, this SEO optimized, zero-commission based online travel agent was created and because no commissions are levvied for any bookings through and / or, hotels are able to give their patrons a more benefits. So a win-win for all!


Worldwide Hotels

No Booking Commissions

~ Direct is the Best ~

Save anywhere between 10 - 25% on commissions

On every OTA generated reservation that is.... By using this new-concept OTA, you remove the financial burden of commissions, which are "eating" into the your hotel profits.

In return, we are asking you to give back to the guest and guarantee an one-time "Special offer" or amenity per room. Whom in return might book your hotel and their hotel stays more often

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